daily painting | book

I’ve mentioned this topic before, but an important part of my life is my healing journey. When I was in my 30s (lo, these many years ago!) I first started a therapy process and decided I would see just how far I could take it. A kind of personal science experiment — when one has a difficult and painful childhood, are there limits to how much one’s mind and heart and spirit can heal? I wanted to find out; night terrors and sleep-depriving nightmares had made me desperate to find help. So I threw myself into it, going to counselors and therapy groups and in-patient treatment programs for adult children of alcoholics. I read books and went to workshops and 12-step meetings and new-age churches and sought healers and shamans and spiritual directors. I’m quite certain I was thoroughly obnoxious about the whole thing.

Anyways, I found out one important bit of information — the human spirit is powerful and strong and there are no restrictions on becoming whole. No limits at all. I am not “sick.” I am not mortally wounded. I am a sensitive human who grew up with emotionally mangled, lonely parents, and I still learn every day how to be kind to myself. My therapist advised me to create an art book that chronicled my early journey, my pain, and, importantly, my connection to Great Spirit, which is the name I choose to use for God or Spirit or The Divine or Higher Power. This page illustrates the serendipitous event of having stumbled into Leigh Hyam’s art workshop at Esalen in 2008, without knowing anything about her. She opened me up and it changed the direction of my life. It was definitely meant to be. OK going back to the book now. More pages to complete.

8″ x 5″ watercolor, pen in in sketchbook