daily painting | bob

I so enjoyed drawing and painting as a participant in the Bay Area Models Guild marathon Sunday; they hope by September to actually meet again in person (Zoom works great; I can paint in my kitchen). Short poses (a few mins), long poses (an hour or so); men and women in costume or without. I mostly had to force myself to put one foot in front of the other yesterday as grief shadows me with depression and lethargy. But it’s the way things are, and I stumble forward, grateful to be vertical. I drew bespectacled Bob with his glorious beard. Inky with her stunning crimson headpiece. Alida (short pose) with vibrant red drapes as a backdrop. So imaginative, the settings and getups and props (I missed Barbara, though, a seasoned model who has posed for decades). I do so love drawing and painting and am grateful to have these opportunities and to make space for my creative adventures. Puddles of watercolor pigments in my porcelain tray and big fat water-soluble graphite crayons for scribbling on paper. Messy and glorious. Very happy to lose myself in all of this. My secret world.

12″ x 10″ water-soluble graphite crayon, acrylic paint on paper