daily painting | black keys

I enjoy ping ponging back and forth between painting acrylic abstracts (large and small) and watercolors. Watercolor paints have a stained-glass-like transparency that have enchanted me for 40+ years, while the deeply emotional process of creating abstracts with acrylics also has its many satisfying benefits. This painting is on Ampersand brand “claybord”, a flat, smooth surface that accepts paints in a smooth, slippery, fluid way, unlike more textured canvas surfaces. This claybord had a former life, and needed new colors and shapes. In doing abstracts I can reach down into a secret, creative space and let things rip from there. I think there was a connection between working on abstracts on the weekend and watching a good TV series, “Catch 22” on Hulu that split me open like a watermelon. The show captures Joseph Heller’s irreverent, brilliant take on stupid leaders doing stupid things while the hero, Yossarian, rages against the machine. Something about one of the episodes got down into me and I wept and cried and came apart. I needed the catharsis, I suppose. Starved for truth in a world of alternative facts. I want REAL.

12″ x 12″ acrylic, pencil on claybord = $185