daily painting | birthday tulips

My thoughtful daughter sent me tulips for my birthday and I used my gorgeous Gump’s vase, a gift from dear friend Lenka, to hold them. Took a pic (birthday is in Oct) to paint later. Later was yesterday. I am surrounded by love and thoughtfulness from a number of friends and loved ones and it humbles me. The other day I went with Lenka and friend Helen to see the movie, “Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”, with Tom Hanks playing Mr Rogers — especially fun, as Helen, a chiropractor, works in the same office with Dr Heller in Alameda, dad of Marielle Heller, director of the movie. The flick was a home run. Could’ve been sappy and corny but wasn’t; heartwarming but not saccharine. I love going to the movies with my pals as Lenka takes my hand and holds it if the movie makes me cry. This one definitely had me digging for kleenex (but a Hallmark commercial can have the same effect).

10″ x 7″ watercolor, pen, pastel on paper = $90