daily painting | bird of paradise

These spiky lovelies were outside the movie theater in San Diego (fun movie afternoon with daughter and her cousin). Tia was ducking quickly into the Gap for last-min. shopping and I was happily sketching away in the warm sun. These birdy flowers are so striking and tropical looking—they used to be grandson Mason’s favorite flower when he was a tot; now that he’s 11 I’m not sure! Took a few photos for countertop painting in my kitchen after returning home. I liked the resulting watercolor, but the siren call of a new box of vibrant, Sennelier pastels was irresistible so I brightened up the piece with added color (Christmas present! Yay!). It’s sunny here in Alameda today but all reports say rain is coming. Maybe I will take a spin on my bike and enjoy the sunshine and snap a few photos of neighborhood gardens for indoor painting. What a great pleasure to make art.

8″ x 6″ watercolor, pen, pastel on paper = $60