daily painting | binos

I was fresh out of nice bouquets or farmer’s market goodies for daily painting subject matter and I definitely wanted to pull my watercolors out on a rainy day last week; roaming around Alameda looking for interesting scenes to paint during the storm wasn’t an option. Et voila! Binoculars on my table, sitting on top of the case, ready to take on my adventure the next day looking for golden eagles in the East Bay hills (there are quite a few nests in the area between the Carquinez Strait and the Sunol open spaces; next time you hike in those hills, keep an eyeball on the sky). Of course the binos are a dull black, so it was fun to play with color and ignore reality (I have a particular talent for overlooking the obvious, at times). Anyways, I’m not posting every day as I’m happily spending more time in my studio working on larger paintings, now that I have my wall back since the melted metal piece is finished. If you buy this painting, I will add a small eagle in the lens, as I did spot a pair of adults.

7″ x 10″ watercolor, pen on paper = $90