daily painting | berkeley flower box

I took photos of a lovely display of scarlet flowers in a planter box on a berkeley street recently and have been experimenting with painting/drawing them. This one had such stunning cherry-red blooms, and in the dead of winter to boot! I don’t know this plant’s name — I’m not terribly educated in plant IDs, and the fun of Berkeley is to find many front yards filled with plants and flowers I’ve never seen before. For this daily painting I started with watercolor and juiced up the colors with pastel pencils, a recent discovery.

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone — this is such a damn loaded day, carpeted with emotional land mines. If you have a love to cherish, enjoy that connection. If you don’t, be generous and kind in loving yourself, as you are a gift to the world.

6″ x 8″ watercolor, pen, pastel pencil on paper = $60