daily painting | beet in a pleat

watercolor painting of beet by emily weilI know it shows a lack of imagination, doing two beet posts in a row, but I just love the shape of these veggies. So I did another watercolor of the same subject, and since I started it late in the afternoon in waning light, I left the long-tailed root vegetable, a bit coyly hidden behind folds in the napkin, on the table as I planned on continuing the painting today. In the meantime, as per usual, as dusk descended, I chased rats off my bird feeder (a useless activity, they are repeat customers) and as I half-glanced at this still life arrangement on my table later in the evening, it resembled a dead rat with a long tail. Or maybe a sleeping rat. Either way it made me laugh. Rats are OK if it means I also get to have bird visitors. I’ve made my peace with the rodents, though I did shake cayenne pepper on my rubber mat outside as the rats rudely started chewing on it to get bits for their nests. I had pet rats as a kid until the dog killed them, so I’m not averse to their visits to my deck. I’m OK with the squirrel too. Any damn thing with a beating heart.

7″ x 10″ watercolor, pen, acrylic ink on paper = $90