daily painting | bay leaves

The other day I was, as the day wore on, steadily slumping under sadness and loss. Despite my sticky dark brain fog I remembered that the redwoods up in the Oakland hills always soothe and comfort me, so I put on my hiking boots and headed up to Joaquin Miller Park to my favorite trail that winds uphill through the hushed forest, past excited spaniel puppies exploring the great wilderness and energetic mountain bikers politely making way for me on the path. On the fern ravine trail, the park folks have added stairs in the steep bits, and the trail was carpeted with deliciously fragrant bay leaves of all colors. I took a pic and took out my paints once home. Such interesting textures and hues but I wish I could do a scratch & sniff blog! So yummy, the flavors in the air.

What a godsend those parks are — minutes from concrete jungle urbanity, a rejuvenating and healing retreat from all the sharp edges of this nutty world. I felt 100% better after my hike.

watercolor, pen on paper