daily painting | barnhill hibiscus

Someone trimmed the roses out on the walkway near my marina and revealed a hibiscus! Previously hidden. It seemed to insist that it was OK to produce blooms in October. So I snapped its pic on my way to the laundry room and, in the privacy of my kitchen, took out my watercolors. I would’ve gone to paint it outside on this lovely day but folks often walk on that pathway and I don’t like visiting while I’m painting; I need to get lost in the creative process. Anyways I needed to cry while I was painting in my kitchen — did you know that Mother Theresa felt forsaken and separate from God during a big portion of her life? And then there’s Leonard Cohen who felt Cupid had forgotten his name. He writes eloquently of loneliness and I didn’t know others had this longing, beautifully described by Cohen’s poetry. 10,000 nights alone, he wrote. It touched a bone-deep spot in me and was a sad comfort. So, back to this flower. Its fragile, somewhat battered beauty called out. Painting it today made me more whole. I embrace life and all its beauties and losses and longings. It’s 100% amazing. Oh dear as I write this post my iTunes decided on its own to shuffle my songs (it does that sometimes). Which singer is now up? Leonard Cohen. Good thing I keep Kleenex handy.

8″ x 10″ watercolor, pen on paper = $100