daily painting | BAEA

watercolor painting of bald eagle by emily weil

I felt moved to do this rendering of a Bald Eagle (“BAEA” is the scientific abbrev.), one of the most amazing, in my opinion, birds of prey ever hatched (but I share that passion for Peregrine Falcons too; well hell, I guess that applies to all raptors). For me eagles are a representation of the divine — Great Spirit, God, Goddess, The Universe, Being, whatever term suits you. Last week my marvelous eagle-watching pal Paul and I observed both Golden Eagles and two (TWO!) Bald Eagles in flight in Sunol. We even got to see the GOEA and the BAEA get into a tussle; we think the GOEA wasn’t appreciating that the BAEA wanted to perch on the same electrical tower (to our amazement, the bald ended up perching on the tower just below the golden — another more experienced eagle watcher posited that the bald placed itself there as it was out of reach to the golden).

I am always so nervous about sharing my spiritual path publicly but I’m going to anyways. I feel a powerful connection to Spirit. It feeds my soul, keeps my feet on the earth, gives me stamina when I am wilting, and helps me keep hoping when I feel lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon wheel rut. So today, a grateful tribute to Eagle and its embodiment of Spirit. 

9″ x 12″ watercolor, ink, acrylic on paper = $140