daily painting | avocado

Is it possible to live without avocado? Nope. Did a watercolor sketch of my favorite food (some say I’d even put it on my cereal— what a great idea!). Am in the throes of setting up for E Bay Open Studios which starts Saturday (see “about” button). I suppose showing an image of a sharp knife which opened up this soft-fleshed fruit is appropriate, as displaying my work is a wonderful privilege and honor — I very much enjoy talking to folks who like my art — and at the same time, after a day of open studios, I feel exposed and like I don’t have any skin on. I’ve tried over the years to toughen up my skin — and my heart — but have failed (Brillo pads, sandpaper, steel wool). I believe my tenderness comes from putting deep feelings into my work (abstracts in particular), and I need to be very gentle with myself at the end of the day; sometimes I am fortunate enough to have a little TLC after presenting my paintings and for that I am grateful, as it soothes and comforts.

OK, off to do the next thing on my list! I hope you can come by Gray Loft Gallery for E Bay Open Studios these next two weekends as I am part of a group of lovely artists (bring some bubble wrap for me; it might help). Funny paradox — a great escape when I am needing solace is watching an excellent TV show like Deadwood, even with its violent scenes (I cover my eyes). Enjoying someone else’s authentic creativity, I suppose.

watercolor, pen on paper