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This was a quick sketch done as part of a demo for the recent watercolor class I taught at Frank Bette Center with my favorite flower in a small still life set up for the students (happy-memory-moment — I brought a mug I got in Mexico when I went there to study with my teacher, Leigh Hyams). I wanted to show them this wonderful medium, water-soluble graphite in sepia tone — it comes in a small cake and likes getting wet. It is slightly grainy, and dries in interesting ways. Also, it was a demo of using a fountain pen that, with its flexible nib, can do both thick and thin line weights and adds so much interest to the drawing. Check out the Frank Bette Art Center site for upcoming workshops I will be teaching in July and August: a pen-and-ink and watercolor class, and a class teaching abstract painting.

artgraf graphite, pen on paper