daily painting | april flowers

watercolor of flowers by emily weil

So I’m gaining some skills these days. Like how to stand back a bit and get some distance on emotional whirlwinds (I’m picturing an image from that tornado movie, Twister, of Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton desperately hanging onto pipes in the barn while being sucked into the vortex). It’s satisfying to grow and learn and stack up some healthy habits, you know? For example, Monday was a magical day — when I arrived to be with my brother, he’d just had a visit from the hospice grief counselor, and wrote down things he wanted to discuss with me. I was blown away; we talked about our relationship, our family, how we see each other. It was phenomenal. I was floating for the rest of that amazing day, and felt so close to my brother. Then today I’m on my knees groping through the weeds, feeling desperately low. Such unpredictable weather. 

The other day I painted this flower bouquet, wanting to keep things fast and loose. Today I added pastels. Smudges of pink and yellow pigments on my fingers make me happy. Art supplies are keeping my feet (or knees) on the ground.

9″ x 12″ ink, watercolor, pastel on paper  = $140