daily painting | alluris

Alluris was the lovely model for last Tuesday night’s figure drawing group in Oakland. I so enjoy doing a series of paintings and sketches, changing my spot in the room to get different views of the pose. Someone said once, as I did a number of small paintings and then left earlier than other, more serious oil painters, that watercolor artists are like hummingbirds — flitting around, alighting briefly, zooming off. I am gaining more experience with the gorgeous fountain pen I’m using these days, which can create thick or thin lines depending on pressure on the nib. Cool stuff (if you are interested in this process, you can take a class next month from me at Frank Bette Center in Alameda; class info is on their website: www.frankbettecenter.org/fountain-pen-and-watercolor.html).

There’s a freedom I am experiencing, using this pen, and it creates more interest in the drawing/painting. Plus it’s lovely to enjoy artist Peter’s home-made chocolate treats that he brings to the group [there was a funny moment that night — Alluris was taking a brief walk outside to stretch her legs and I was also outside getting fresh air. As she walked up the sidewalk, a man in a car pulled into a driveway near her, asking if she ordered a pizza? No, she said. Then he tried to convince her to buy pizza from him. Did he have a card, she asked? No. Either he was so smitten by her beauty he couldn’t help himself, or he hoped she was a lady of the night — which she did not look like at all, as she was demurely dressed between modeling sessions].

watercolor, pen on paper