daily painting | alameda lilies

OK so I’m just guessing about the genus of this flower; it was in a front yard in Alameda and I snapped its pic one bright day. The plant was a riot of coral/orangey colors and it felt unruly and anarchistic. It was probably quite compliant and acceptable, so I suppose I’m assigning it a personality according to today’s mood. Which is rebellious and angry as I badly want accountability of Washington scoundrels. And I’m mad. And frustrated. And still dreamily thinking about Sunday’s Peregrine Falcon (I’m certain he’s still thinking about me too as it was love at first sight — wait, no, maybe he just wanted to kill me). Must hurry this along as it’s in the mid-90s outside which means sitting here upstairs at my computer it’s a lot hotter. Time to go satisfy my news junkie tendencies. And guzzle some Gatorade.

10″ x 7″ watercolor, pen on paper = $90