daily painting | persimmon

I did a few watercolor sketches of persimmons — ended up being frustrated. I decided to do one more quick sketch (before the fruit went to rot). These winter fruits are so beautiful! The orangey-red colors, with the warm green curly leaves at the top, are so lovely and sensual. There’s something precious and fleeting about them — they come only once a year. Watercolor and pen, 10″ x 7″.




daily painting | maggie hall tug

The Maggie Hall is moored in the estuary in Alameda, and I am told by my sweet tugboat captain friend that the apparatus on her bow is called a “push knee” and is used for bullying those big barges around (I certainly wouldn’t want to argue with her). This was fun to do, especially since I had just done a dreadful dud of a still life before I decided to move from apples to tugs. Watercolor and pen, 10″ x 7″.




daily painting | sketch on toned paper

OK, I know this isn’t a painting but a drawing. But I liked it. These were tall, leggy, somewhat tired plants in the front yard of my therapist Lucy’s office. I was a bit early for an appt, and it was a nice November day, so I perched on an old lawn chair with my new sketchpad of gray paper and sketched away. I am challenged by a larger sheet (I like my little Moleskine — quick sketches) so it’s a good practice to take more time, consider the whole composition, and slow down. Pen on paper.




daily painting | abstract detail #1

I have been working on a big abstract (acrylic on canvas) in my studio, which means I don’t always have a daily painting to post (or I’ve been doing small watercolors that are crap and keeping them to myself!). Thought it would be fun to crop the photo of the large painting and show detail. The complete image of this painting isn’t yet on my website (abstracts page). It’s fun to play with small sections of the painting and see what looks good. Mini paintings. The big one doesn’t have a name yet.




daily painting | november loner

More fun in my daughter’s back yard. Slightly overcast day (humid, of all things, in San Diego!). This single guy was all alone in the garden. I wasn’t able, though, to capture the many fence lizards (I think?) who kept me company while painting. They move too fast, but are pretty cute out there, doing their pushups. Watercolor and pen, 7″ x 10″.




daily painting | november persimmons

Fun painting time in my daughter’s back yard; I got frustrated with my usual Daniel Smith triad (couldn’t get a good red-orange) so went back to Winsor red and other primaries. I found these persimmons in the pantry and perched them on the tile counter outside. Red tail hawks and Allen’s hummingbirds came by to inspect. Watercolor and pen, 10″ x 7″.




daily painting | far reaches

Back to abstract daily paintings in my studio as November rains are demanding I stay indoors. This simple composition feels powerful to me on this gray day, and I suppose the primary colors also were an antidote to the weather. Was fun to work on this while simultaneously going deeply into a large abstract on canvas (which you can check out on Instagram!).

8″ x 8″ acrylic, pencil on claybord = $80




daily painting | pear sketch

Experimenting with my favorite Daniel Smith watercolors in a new sketchbook. I did several still life small paintings (“still lives”?), trying different papers and sketchbooks. This was a quickie, and the delicious pear, after I was done painting, was quickly eaten. Since the sun is a bit fugitive these days, and setting up a still life on my table without the lovely light will not work, I will return to working on abstracts in my studio. Is it really November? Watercolor and pen, 10″ x 7″.