daily painting | crayons & pencils

Making marks with pencils, graphite sticks and crayons is really floating my boat these days. It also feels like I am somehow connecting with Addiam, my artist friend who passed away last week, as I am using a box of crayons and materials she gave me. I think tomorrow I will work on a large piece and prepare for E Bay Open Studios (in June).

12″ x 12″ acrylic, crayon, pencil on claybord = $185




daily painting | addiam’s crayons

Oh I am glad to be back posting! Had iphone issues for days (no photos of art to upload) and was also a bit sidelined emotionally by a series of heart-wrenching funerals including that of my friend and studio-mate, Addiam Tsehaye, who passed away last week from cancer. She was 44. Somewhere along the way she gave me a box of crayons and pastels, which I wanted to use for this abstract. I miss you, Addiam. You were a bright light (you can see her ceramic work commissioned for Kaiser hospital San Leandro, 2nd floor, near main elevators, in a glass case).

12″ x 12″ acrylic, crayon, pencil on claybord = $185




daily painting | blue vase

Spring flowers on my coffee table, from the farmer’s market, in a vibrant blue vase which was a generous gift from a dear friend. I started with watercolor, but it wasn’t quite working so I jumped in with pastels and charcoal and it got  livelier. The composition was accidental—my sketchbook leaning open against the vase, the pencil, some votive candles, orange napkin in the corner. The way the light came through the window, backlighting the arrangement, was lovely.

10″ x 7″ watercolor, pen, pastel on paper = $90




daily painting | hornet’s neighbor

Back to posting! Been fighting a bug for a bit but am much improved; had to concentrate on recovering rather than painting. While the weather was lovely and sunny last weekend, I went with several sketching pals down to paint the navy ships near The Hornet in Alameda. I was drawn to the anchors for these ships — strong, sturdy. I think I am becoming stronger and sturdier too, and that is a marvelous feeling.

10″ x 7″ watercolor, pen on paper = $90




daily painting | ploughshare poppies

Another daily painting from my afternoon at Ploughshares Nursery in Alameda. While chickens poked around and investigated, I set up my paints. I loved these charming poppies. It’s a great place to buy plants for your garden too (or, in my case, potted plants for my deck) as they promote organic and natural growing methods, and you are contributing to the local community. The happy herbs I brought home that day are thriving.

5″ x 8″ watercolor, pen on paper = $50




daily painting | jicama and pals

My new love for still life painting — veggies! This jicama, carrot, lime and onion made for interesting color play (yes I know lime is a fruit :o). Had to get this one done as I needed the ingredients for a salad to take to my old neighborhood for a party in Redwood City (jicama is a starchy, crunchy addition). Was great fun to see lovely old friends and neighbors. Very generous & warm folks.

5.5″ x 8.5″ watercolor, pen on paper = $60