daily painting | conover leaf

The Wisconsin trees were just starting to turn, in mid-Sept. As leaves fell and dried to gold/brown, their crinkled, curling edges created gnarled, interesting shapes. Dry and fragile, they represent the life cycle. Sometimes I hear young ‘uns worrying about getting old. I find this to be a magical time, even as the knees creak and the eyelids sag. I have been on this planet 65 years now and my confidence and comfort in my old skin is hard-won and I intend to enjoy it. I like not having to edit oneself so much, worrying about appearances or approval. Every stage of life is an adventure, and I want to enjoy this ride as long as I can until I fall out of the saddle. I used Daniel Smith Moonglow for this monochromatic painting which takes on various tones in gray/blue as it dries.

5.5″ x 5.5″ watercolor, pen on paper = $40