daily painting | turning basin

My favorite spot near my house — the turning basin in the San Francisco Bay estuary (in Alameda). Huge container ships are turned here by tugs before they moor to offload (and load up new containers of merchandise). The huge shipping cranes are something to see — lined up along the harbor like praying mantises. This scene, if I am lucky enough to happen upon it during a jog/walk, is at the end of the pier. I’m told a large portion of cargo are wines from CA.

30″ x 22″ watercolor, ink on paper = $795




daily painting | fall flowers

So I decided I might yap a bit more on these daily blog entries (I hope without putting you to sleep). These October flowers, in my daughter’s yard in San Diego, were hanging on regardless of the time of year (San Diego life!). They were the same color as a pumpkin-colored orb weaver spider in the yard who was beautiful to observe — from a distance! When it crawled up its web on those Halloween-scary spider legs I yelped pretty loudly and backed up. Quickly. Watercolor and pen sketch.