daily painting | sunol thistle

I totally forgot to post a painting yesterday. Brain occupied with scary health news in my family. I took a closeup photo of a lovely thistle in a field in remote sunol while with the team of golden eagle nest observers (mom brought a bunny to the nestling!). The hills were a scattershot of bright colors. This is a very simple painting but I like its softness.

8″ x 6″ watercolor, pen on paper = $60




daily painting | uss hornet

The USS Hornet, historic aircraft carrier and floating museum, moored at the former navy base in Alameda not far from me, is a massive creature and, until the bay breezes decided to take over my brush strokes, was interesting to paint. I wanted to experiment with a wonderful paint color from Daniel Smith, “moonglow” which creates different tones and colors due to its mineral content. The Hornet’s stern, towering over me in my little chair in the parking lot, was intimidating and massive.

6″ x 8″ watercolor, pen on paper = $60




daily painting | coastline

I worked with lighter-toned paints for this one, finished over the weekend. It felt breezy, summery. It also frustrated me and I started over on it a few times. At least this smaller piece was, in the end, more satisfying than a larger painting I worked on simultaneously which I may take outside and torch.

12″ x 12″ acrylic, pencil on claybord = $185




daily painting | martinez buick

OK this one is really cracking me up. I was roaming around Martinez, CA neighborhoods with my sketchbook yesterday, filling time until visiting hours at Hope House, a wonderful & unique kind of care facility for the mentally ill who don’t need a hospital but do need full time care for a few weeks (my son is there). This man was getting an old Buick (1940-something) ready to be transported on an auto trailer so I snapped his photo and painted from it today. It was a gorgeous car. Even older than me. And a hoot to paint. Gleaming black cars are a challenge.

7″ x 10″ watercolor, pen on paper = $90




daily painting | peet’s vine

There was this lovely, tangled vine growing up a fence by Peet’s parking lot in Albany the other day. I’d just had an appt. with my beloved therapist, and the lusciousness of this vine and its pink flowers — which covered the  entire back fence — was like a salute to life, to growth, to tenacity. Shown in a few square feet was the entire cycle of life of these tender hanging blossoms.

8″ x 6″ watercolor, pen on paper = $60




daily painting | attractions

I continue to enjoy doing these small works on Ampersand brand claybord  — so I filled up an art supply drawer with them. Yesterday I worked on a large acrylic abstract on canvas and this one simultaneously. I’m finding I need to reconsider my creative expressions — how does one stay true to one’s artistic voice when professional art sellers want something else? An old dilemma. I think I’ll stick with “going deep” and heeding my own intuitions. It’s what I need to do.

12″ x 12″ acrylic, pencil on claybord = $185




daily painting | coffee-stained passion flower

This was a project that smelled great. I soaked watercolor paper in a pan of very strong coffee (happily messy; grounds went everywhere). I wanted to try drawing/painting on the dark, blotchy paper with different media, so I experimented with charcoal, pastels, and pen and ink. My favorite was watercolor (kind of an obvious choice, for me, duh). I tried a loose painting, then played with a white gel pen (fabulous fun!). May do more. Might not. It’s a bit rough to put up for sale, but if you must have it, pop me an email!

8″ x 6″ watercolor, pen on coffee-stained paper